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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Stages of Recruitment & Selection

First of all remember that in any answer to any question in a Nab, Prelim or Final exam you need to describe a bit about what is going on.

Don't just list the headings or key words!!!

1. Job Analysis - this is the initial phase of recruitment and selection. Is their a job that actually exists? Think about what happened when the PTs of English and Modern Languages left the school. They were not replaced individually but by a new role: Faculty Head of Communications, which absorbed the managerial side of the PT posts. Obviously the teaching side was absorbed into the departments, as the new FH is an English specialist, so Modern Languages teachers had to take on new classes.

2. Job Description - this is when a document is written up by HR that contains the job title, the duties, roles and responsibilities of the job.

3. Person Specification - again another document that is created as part of the application pack sent out to potential candidates. It contains information of the characteristics and skills required of the ideal candidate. It includes essential and desirable features. ie in the new Faculty of ICT new Teachers HAVE to teach either Computing or Business, but ideally they can be dual qualified like Mr Arthur (I'm only at the probation stage for Computing, but I wonder if I'll ever get it done! I'm far too busy!) as this gives timetable flexibility to the school.

4. Advertising the post Internally or Externally.
For this you need to think about the costs involved and also the benefits/costs of hiring people who work already within the business or getting new ideas and experiences from outside. Think about the impact of either on existing staff morale (career development, promotion etc)

5. Application Forms and CV/Cover Letters - these are sent out to candidates by post or email and they have to complete and send in by a closing date.

6. Filtering the applications and the leet (shorlist) - the panel go through the applications and seperate the wheat from the chaff. Remember the Phones 4 U video. The HR Manager went through 2,500 CVs only allocating 10 seconds per CV. The lucky 6 or so candidates are invited to attend interview.

7. The interview process - a series of questions are asked by a panel of interviewers. They take notes on the candidates and compare at the end. I will publish a separate article on interviewing tips later.

8. Other Selection Methods - This stage may also happen whereby IQ, Aptitude and personality tests are involved or Assessment Centres are used to select the top candidates.
(Remember Assessment Centres are expensive and normally only used for high flying jobs and not for low paid positions).

9. The Job Offer - normally the candidate who has got the job is offered the job BEFORE the unsuccessful candidates are told they didn't get it. This is so if the successful candidate rejects the job they have others to fall back on.


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