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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Training Staff: Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the answers that were in the prelim for this question.

Remember when you are writing your answer EXPAND the bullet points please!!!

· Staff become more competent at their jobs
· Staff become moer flexible
· Staff motivation increases
· Increased productivity
· Changes become easier to introduce
· Fewer accidents
· The organisation’s image improves eg when dealing with customers
· Reduced waste

· Once fully trained, staff may leave for better paid jobs
· Financial cost of training may be high
· Work time is lost when staff are being trainedQuality of training must be high for it to have a positive effect


For each of these bullet points think about adding a bit to the sentance with BECAUSE.


Staff become more competent at their jobs because they learn new skills to make them more efficient.


Hussain Hassam said...
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Rebekah Elsdon said...

Thanks for this post. Really helped my assignment as I did not get much understanding when my lecture went through it m

Smirti Bam said...

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